The Annandale Center for Contemplative Practice assists faculty, staff, (with coordination with student life) students in bringing a mindful, non-violent perspective to their personal and professional experiences. We engage in this work via the offering of workshops, facilitated small group discussions, and other opportunities to gather, both in-person and online, with the express interest in engaging in activities that make active, intentional progress toward building a mindful, inclusive community culture.

Fall 2022 Hours
Did you know that the new Annandale Center for Contemplative Practice is offering a space  for staff and faculty to pause during their work days? The space offers tea, light refreshments, and a quiet space to work, sit (we have meditation cushions!), or simply gaze out a window! Quiet conversation is generally welcome. We do ask that everyone be considerate when colleagues in the space are making use of the meditation cushions.  

  • When: Monday – Thursday from 1 pm – 4 pm
  • Where: CM 332