Trigger Warning: The Art of Debra Wright

On Display at the Alexandria Campus AFA Gallery from September 18th-October 11th (Extended to end of October).

The Trigger Warning Exhibition at the AFA Gallery. Photo by Britt Conley

Debra Wright’s current body of work reflects her deep commitment to social justice, human rights and the pursuit of personal identity.  Utilizing found objects as her primary medium, Debra’s concepts convey commentary on social issues while encouraging introspection and community engagement.

Debra arrived on September 20th, to work with our students and produce a pair of wings, created from the names of many persons who have been killed by police across the nation.   Her artistic vision shines a spotlight on various communities and current issues within them.

The making of the artwork, “Flight” as part of the Trigger Warning Exhibition at the AFA Gallery. Photo by Britt Conley

Debra explains, “I create compositions that are simple in form and yet profusely conceptual.  Incorporating provocative objects into my work elicits a dramatic initial response that in turn, opens up a safe space for deeper looking.  This gap provides a point of entry to address controversial topics and compel important conversations we need to be having with one another.”  Debra Wright.

“Flight” is currently on display in the AFA foyer.

Debra Wright hangs her work: “Flight” on September 20th, 2023 in the foyer of the AFA building. Photo by Britt Conley.

The reception offered the opportunity for students to ask questions about Debra’s  creative process, work,  and what it means to be an activist artist.

Debra Wright speaks with students at the Trigger Warning opening reception on September 20th, 2023 at the AFA Gallery. Photo by Britt Conley.

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