Alexandria Science Resource Center

The Alexandria Science Resource Center (SRC) is available for your Science, Math, and Engineering help.  You will find models, and faculty to assist you in the center.

The SRC is located in Bisdorf room 415.

At this time the Science Resource Center will remain Closed until further notice and will likely be consistent with the college plan to resume in-person activities.  Please consult the college web page for more information about campus openings.

Science Resource Center Schedule – Closed until further notice

The link above  will go to schedule of when faculty from these subjects are available in the SRC.  You can still go to the SRC at all times it is open to study, but if you have questions about your subject these schedule will let you know when faculty are available.  The schedule will be the same for the whole semester, but if there are updates, the new schedule will be posted above.

**Hours are subject to change.**