About Us

Welcome to Technology Innovation in Learning and Teaching (TILT) at the Alexandria Campus!

The mission of TILT is to integrate educational technology into the curriculum by helping faculty, staff, and students use technology to achieve their teaching and learning goals. The TILT staff support educational technologies that contribute to NOVA’s academic excellence by increasing student engagement with course materials, supporting active learning strategies, better matching teaching and learning styles, fostering communication and collaboration, streamlining course administration, and developing students’ skills for future learning and work. TILT staff continually research, monitor and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of educational technologies on the teaching and learning experiences of faculty and students, and share these findings with the campus community.

Our services include individual and group training, scheduled workshops, equipment check-out and setup, video assistance, graphic design and web assistance. For more information, see “Our Services” below.

If you are interested in receiving training through TILT or starting a project with us, please feel free to contact us at anytime at ALTILT@nvcc.edu!

Our Services

  • Training on educational technology
  • Support for presentations and other media
  • Audio and/or video recording of classroom activities, provided enough staff are on-hand
  • Digital photographic services (digital cameras, videocams, and webcams available for sign-out)
  • Basic digital video editing
  • Traditional graphic arts assistance
  • Basic computer graphics and page layout assistance
  • Basic computer/software/communications help
  • Basic internet and web page assistance
  • Audio teleconferencing (via state phone bridge)
  • Campus electronic bulletin board service (closed-circuit television)
  • TILT Multimedia Room (see below for details)

Service Requests

Reservations for equipment and appointments for services are highly recommended for the busy semester. Please email ALTILT@nvcc.edu.

Important Information

  • Unreserved equipment is issued on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Staff are available to work with you for training or assistance on various projects. Simply make an appointment. For more information, email us at ALTILT@nvcc.edu to get in touch with an individual team member.
  • We offer training on a regular basis for using the educational technology we provide. Check out the Training & Events Calendar to see what we’ve got planned!
  • Equipment that has not already been reserved is available to support off-campus programs.
  • Equipment can also be reserved for weekend classroom use. Contact us for details.
  • Most classrooms have LCD projectors, projection screens, ELMO document cameras, and wall mounted speakers permanently installed in them.
  • Prerecorded videos in DVD format are available from the Library (Bisdorf Building, Room AA 232). NOTE: All duplication and recording is subject to Copyright Laws.