App of the Week: Shutterfly

Alright, so if you attended our webinar about online photo storage, you’ve already been introduced to Shutterfly.  If you weren’t able to attend that webinar you can get a recording of it here.  Shutterfly is a photo storage (and basic editor) that allows you to create a free account for an unlimited amount of storage.  Now one thing you should know about Shutterfly is that it is a printing company as well.  You can create mugs, calendars, books, etc through their website as well and these services are advertised.  However, I have never really had an issue with outside ads or popups while using this site.

One of the biggest advantages of this app for me is the actual app for your phone.  I like to use it on my cellphone because that is my default camera and I routinely end up with hundreds of pictures on it.  This app uploads pictures very quickly and has select features that make it easier to use than the photobucket app.

Also a cool feature is the way Shutterfly allows you to share your photos.  They actually give you a website hosted through their site.  You can simply share the link and then everyone you send the link to can flip through your photos and videos.  This is so much better than sending emails with the photo attached (if you’ve tried to send photos through your NVCC account you know why).

Check it out at, it’s FREE!