Environmental Science Spring 2023

Course registration for Spring 2023 begins Oct., 24, 2022. ENV 121 and 122 satisfy NOVA’s Science with a Lab requirement for non-science majors. I am teaching the following courses in Spring 2023 at the Alexandria campus:

ENV 121 – 002A and 0A2A – Virtual lecture on Mondays 12:30-3:25pm, in-person lab on Wednesdays 12:30-3:25pm

ENV 121 – 003A and 0A3A – Virtual lecture on Tuesdays 4-6:55pm, in-person lab Thursdays 4-6:55pm

ENV 122 – 01XA, 02XA, and 0A1A – You can take the lecture virtually or in person on Tuesdays 11:10am-2:05pm, in-person lab Thursdays 11:10am-2:05pm

Register by logging into MyNOVA.

About Dr. Christine Bozarth

Dr Christine Bozarth is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at NOVA's Alexandria Campus.
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