Where Are They Now?

What are Dr. Bozarth’s former NOVA students up to?

If you are a former student, please leave a comment here or you can email me at cbozarth@nvcc.edu.

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  1. NB says:

    Professor Bozarth,

    Thank  you for being a great teacher and cementing my interest in environmental science.  I am graduating from NVCC in May 2021 and will transfer to a four-year college in the fall to complete my Bachelor’s degrees in Agriculture and Environmental Science. With your support and letter of recommendation, I have been selected to participate in a summer 2021 NIH undergraduate research program at a major university in the Upper Midwest. I am excited about the opportunity to participate in a significant scientific research project and to learn more about soil health and the nitrogen cycle.

    Thanks for all your help,

  2. Dr. Christine Bozarth says:

    I’m currently working on prerequisites for the VDOE’s Career Switcher program and was one lab science unit short for certification, which is why I am taking [ENV 121]. However, it couldn’t have been timed more perfectly – I took the Praxis II exam for Elementary Education last weekend, and got an EXTREMELY high score on the Science subtest. Well over half of it was material we have covered in this course (scientific method, basic chemistry / atoms / molecules, biomes, populations, major cycles like carbon/water/nitrogen, basic scientific principles like the laws of thermodynamics, science vs. pseudoscience, climate change, etc.).

  3. Hey Dr. B!!!!
    I and currently a junior at George Mason studying marketing!!! To this day i still Revert back to your class and learn so much about the environment. I’m also 7 months in on my clothing business Semperfreshclothing.com website and business is doing well. I’m Trying to get in contact with Mason staff so i can get the clothing in the school store.

  4. Paul Regino says:

    I am going to be transferring to Catholic University of America for the fall of 2018. I am going to be seeking a career in Social Work. I have to say thank you to Dr. Bozarth for being a great teacher and mentor. As I worked with her as the Green Club President she thought me new ways to do things and how to see the world in a different view. For that I can not thank her enough. I am looking forward to seeing the great things the Green Club is going to do. Just so you know I will be checking in to see if I can still help in any way.



    “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pike

  5. Dr. Christine Bozarth says:

    Community College Initiative Program

    I am utterly satisfied to receive my Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) certificates of completion. And it is a great honor for me to be awarded the superlative participant amongst all international CCIP participants of my campus. I am also awarded the first runner up making a group video on Environmentalism. It means really a lot to me to be an effigy of my country in international stage. I would like to express my demure gratitude to you for extending assistance in the States.


    Arafat (Bangladesh)

  6. Brian Parr says:

    Still muddy from Dr Bozarth’s water quality lab, I splashed down in the streams of Blacksburg, well prepared for everything about to come flooding my way.
    Just in from a Forest Resources class in the Jefferson National Forest, working my way through oak and pine ecosystems with a compass, a BAF angle gauge and a clinometer, from rhododendron creek bottoms up limestone white oak slopes to dry, table mountain pine summits measuring forest health and getting the big picture from the smaller parts. I’m in my second semester of Environmental Resources Management at Virginia Tech, accepted to a summer fellowship figuring out how to help loblolly pine growers adapt to climate change. I will be researching “Interactions between environmental change and forest management, forest soil carbon and nutrient cycling, biogeochemistry, decomposition dynamics, and soil microbial activity” and I’m thinking Dr Bozarth’s Environmental Science class was the over-arching, Big Picture class – a canopy of a class; without it I can imagine hearing ‘population dynamics’ and ‘carbon flux’ for the first time and saying, “Whut?”, but Dr Bozarth’s class pulled together biology, physics, chemistry, geology, sociology and made those trees a familiar forest.

  7. Dr. Christine Bozarth says:

    I just want to say “Thank you” million times!! I recently got accepted to Belmont University College of Pharmacy class of 2018. The school will start next fall semester. I’m so glad that I have accomplished my goal. Thank you so much for your well prepared lectures and recommendation. Those lectures were greatly helpful for me to prepare PCAT exam. Because of that, I was able to get competitive PCAT score which allowed me to get accepted to pharmacy school. I’ll keep you posted my future career accomplishments. Again, I really appreciate your help,

    Best regards,


  8. Dr. Christine Bozarth says:

    Hope you are well. I was in your biology 2 class a few semesters ago. I just started my first semester at Rutgers, finishing my bachelors in biology with a concentration in marine biology. I haven’t done any internships yet but I am hoping to get accepted for one at the aquarium near by, or zoo. I have my fingers crossed for those. By the way I enjoyed your class and how you involved animals in it, I learned a lot during the semester.

    Best regards,

    Tiffany Lutz

  9. Katherine Ruggles says:

    I transferred to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia fall of 2012 and took prerequisite courses that school year to apply to their nursing program and their summer accelerated program for summer of 2013. After being accepted into the program, I completed all four sophomore nursing classes over the first 7 weeks of the summer semester thanks to the grace of God. This fall I am a junior in the nursing program and have accumulated 120 clinical hours in the hospital setting taking care of patients under the direction of my RN clinical instructor and the patient’s RN. During those clinical hours in the hospital caring for patients, I have worked on medical-surgical, mother/baby, skilled care, labor and delivery, and pulmonary units to expand my experiences. I thank the Lord for getting me through these tough classes and reminding me of His promise in Jeremiah 29:11 which says, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.'” I am excited to see how God directs my path in nursing school and once I graduate and become an RN!

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