Emergency Preparedness at Home – Do 1 Thing – Food (April)

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word – spring? Is it birds chirping, trees and flowers blooming, or the transition from snow boots to flip-flops? All those things make spring an exciting season, but there is one thing associated with spring that we all dread: spring cleaning. While you are busy cleaning and reorganizing your home, do not forget to make room for the three-day supply of water (February’s Do 1 Thing challenge) and this month’s challenge: Food.

THE GOAL: Have an emergency food supply that will meet the needs of your household for three days without outside help.

Choose one (or more) of these things to do this month:

  • Buy a three-day emergency food supply for your household.
  • Take steps to make sure food in your refrigerator and freezer will stay safe.
  • Make sure you can meet any special dietary needs in your household.

Each month on this blog, OEM will post Do 1 Thing’s monthly topic and we encourage you to follow the program at http://do1thing.com.