Emergency Preparedness at Home – Do 1 Thing – Work, School, and Community (May)

Do 1 Thing

Disasters can happen at any time. If you are away from home do you know where to find safe shelter locations? Do you know what the emergency procedures are for your child’s school or for your workplace? Will people who count on you know what to do if you can’t reach them? Know how to make sure you and your loved ones are safe in a disaster, no matter where you are.

THE GOAL: Make sure the people who count on you are prepared for a disaster.

Choose one (or more) of these things to do this month:

  • Make sure emergency procedures are in place for your workplace or school.
  • Give emergency kits to people who count on you (college students, elderly parents, etc.).
  • Know how others in your community will respond in a disaster.

 Each month on this blog, OEM will post Do 1 Thing’s monthly topic and we encourage you to follow the program at http://do1thing.com/.