Emergency Preparedness at Home – Do 1 Thing – Family Communication Plan (July)

Do 1 Thing

Today we have more ways to speak with one another than ever before. We are used to staying in touch with cell phones, internet, and email—but disasters can change that! These devices may not be available after a disaster strikes. Cell phone towers quickly become overloaded with people trying to reach friends and family. If the power is out at your home, cordless phones, internet, and email will not work either.

Do 1 Thing July Phone  THE GOAL: Have the ability to communicate with family members during a disaster.

Choose one (or all) of these things to do this month:

  • Have a phone with a cord and a car charger for your cell phone standing by in case of a power failure.
  • Develop a plan for how your family will stay in touch during a disaster.
  • Program In Case of Emergency (ICE) numbers into all family cell phones.

Each month on this blog, OEM will post Do 1 Thing’s monthly topic and we encourage you to follow the program at http://do1thing.com/.