Top Ten Ways to Keep Up Your Spanish over the Summer

Here are ten ideas for practicting your Spanish this summer. They do not require a passport or plane ticket and many are low-cost or free.


10. Pick up a copy of El Tiempo Latino or Washington Hispanic.

Both are free and available throughout the DC metro area. Build your vocabulary, read the news from a slightly different perspective and learn about issues of importance to the local Spanish-speaking community.

9. Watch a movie.

Here are a few favorites. Look for them at a NOVA library, on or Netflix:

El orfanato

El laberinto del fauno

Voces inocentes

Y tu mamá también

La misma luna

Hable con ella

La lengua de las mariposas

Amores perros

Diarios de motocicleta

Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios

El Norte

Historia oficial

Mi familia

Real Women Have Curves

Caballos salvajes

L’auberge espagnole


Nueve reinas

Lista de espera

8. Keep a daily one-sentence journal in Spanish.

Set aside five minutes a day to write at least one sentence.

7. Join or start a Spanish language Meetup group.

See where other “fanáticos” are meeting up here:

6. Subscribe to the Notes in Spanish podcast.

Hosts Ben and Marina entertain as they educate. “Inspired Beginner” through Advanced language lessons available on iTunes and here:

5. Sign up for a virtual language exchange through The Mixxer

Go to for information about matching with a Spanish-speaking student of English.

4. Check out a book of poetry, short stories or a novel in the Spanish literature section (starts with “PQ”) of the Alexandria Library.

Some bilingual editions are available too.

3. Get hooked on “Mi Vida Loca,” a telenovela from

2. Visit a local Spanish-speaking community.

Puruse the grocery stores, bakeries, markets and restaurants in the Chriligua section of Alexandria or Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights or Adams Morgan in DC.

1. Take a class at NOVA!

For a complete list of course offerings visit: