Linda Button

Linda Button
Communion: An Exhibit of Egos and Ids
Passage Gallery
August 4, 2018 – September 9, 2018
Coffee and Conversation: August 22nd, 2018 11am – 1PM

The primary definition for communion is the sharing of intimate thoughts and feelings, often of a spiritual nature.  These spoken or implied conversations (however spiritual) may result in competition or collaboration; they may result in power struggles or solidarity.  The “Communion” collages in this show treat thoughts and feelings on a societal, as well as a one-on-one, level.

“For several years, I have been using the “repurposed” canvas from some of my early paintings to create new works of art. Rather than gessoing over these paintings, I free the canvas from the stretchers and cut human figures from the fabric. Building on my interest in the human body, each piece has at least two silhouetted figures, some as many as five. All of the silhouettes are eloquent in their cries for connection and for the chance to be heard, if not also understood. They want civil discourse. They want hugs and affirmation and high-fives.”

These deceptively simple silhouettes echo the past lives of the canvases and force us to think about what is happening between the figures in the image. Have we seen them before? Do we know them or just feel that we do?

Linda Button

Linda has been in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the Mid-Atlantic region including the Hill Center, The Art League and The Yellow Barn at Glen Echo. Here most recent solo exhibition was at the Takoma Park Community Center in an exhibition “Demigods and Superheroes”. She is currently a member of Studio B in Bethesda. She has a B.A and an MA in Library Science from Syracuse University. From 1976-1994 she was the Assistant Division Chief and Coordinator of the Cooperative Online Serials Program at the Library of Congress.

To learn more about Linda visit her website out Follow her on Instagram at @bartleybutton