Library bookdrop

There’s a library bookdrop in the breezeway between Howsmon Hall and Colgan Hall where you can return NOVA library books.


The bookdrop is for NOVA Library books only. Please do not place textbook rentals in the bookdrop. Textbook rentals must be returned to the Bookstore, which is located on the first floor of Parrish Hall. The Bookstore staff has informed us that they are unable to process textbook rental returns if they only have the textbook itself. So, even if Library staff take textbook rentals (that have been returned to the Library) to the Bookstore, the Bookstore staff will be unable to process them. This means that you won’t get any money back. For more information, please see the Bookstore website.

In the image below, the red arrow is pointing to the bookdrop.

The image below shows a close-up view of the bookdrop.