The Photography + Media program is a lively community of creative individuals from around the world and many backgrounds. Some are new to college and some already have degrees in other disciplines. Most are working, many are raising families, and quite a few are military veterans. Some plan to complete an A.A.S. or A.F.A. degree, and others are already working photographers who want to learn more. Each student brings a unique perspective and contributes to an ongoing exchange of ideas.

Every class encourages all to think critically, take risks, solve problems, make creative decisions, and understand contemporary media in a broader context of history and theory. Instruction at every level is offered on current professional software and equipment, students are encouraged to practice outside of class in open labs and studios. Group critiques offer the chance to hear how one’s work seems to others, and to think about it constructively. In addition to classes, we offer annual evens and special programs including guest speakers, exhibits, scholarships, and workshops. 

Students can attend classes on the Alexandria Campus, Woodbridge Campus, and online. 

reception for 2018 Photography + Media Student Show

Photography + Media AAS Program Purpose

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for diverse career options within the field of professional photography and media. Students will learn to solve a wide range of visual problems with imagination and originality through the study of technique, history, theory, and aesthetics.



  • Digital & Film Camera Operation
  • Digital Post-Processing & Manipulation
  • Black & White Darkroom
  • Studio & Location Lighting
  • Photojournalism
  • Workflow & Color Management
  • Theory
  • History of Photography
  • Printing
  • Documentary Photography
  • Scanning
  • Video Production
  • Professional Practice
  • Alternative Processes
  • Advanced Critique
  • And More!