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Xingtai, China – Press release

The Opening Ceremony of 2018 NOVA Student Film Festival by Xingtai Polytechnic College (XPC).

On December 12, 2018, the Art and Media Department started the “2018 NOVA Student Film Festival” at the student activity center in Xingtai Polytechnic College. The department director, the party secretary, teachers and students majoring in digital media and communication have joined in this activity. This is the first film festival held by Xingtai Polytechnic College. 

In this festival, Ms. Yang, the director, introduced the related background of NOVA film festival to all the students. And Ms. Ma, the teacher of digital media and communication shared the experiences and gains of the students who have joined the NOVA film festival in 2018.

After having an idea of the relative information about the film festival, we retrospected some films of the 2018 film festival whose theme was “Climate Change”.  And Alphabet, short animation film from Iran, Directed by Kianoush Abedi impressed us deeply.

Alphabet a film by Kianoush Abedi

The theme of this year is “Immigration & Refugees”. The XPC students have completed 6 films including “Smooth and Steady”, “Migrants– Wild Goose”, “The Way I Took”, “Destiny”, “Rebirth”, and “Show Dream”, to submit for consideration to the 2019 NOVA Student Film Festival that will be attended this year by the President of Xingtai Polytechnic College. 

Both faculty and students were enjoyed the screening of the films from the festival.  Every work was produced through hard work. Even though these works are not perfect, students never quit attempting. All the audience experienced the reflections on the theme in the melodies of the films.

The whole activity lasted for one and half an hour. When it was over, students voted for their favorite films. And “Destiny” won the top one with 53 votes from the films for the 2019 festival consideration.

Xingtai Polytechnic College, in Xingtai, China, to host the 2018 NOVA Student Film Festival.

The winners of the 2018 Dean’s award for Cinematic Distinction are co-writers/directors Nikkia Atkinson and Long Tran with their experimental short film Dinosaurs in the Hood.  The film is based on the spoken words of Danez Smith.

Nikkia Atkinson is a NOVA Alexandria alumna, who studied Cinema under Prof. Lucy Gebre-Egziabher and transferred to University of Washington, Tacoma, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in communications and film

studies degree.

The “Dean’s Award for Cinematic Distinction” is awarded to a film in the NOVA Students & Alumnae category of the festival. Dr. Jimmie McClellan, the Dean of NOVA Alexandria’s Liberal Arts Division, awards one film for its message and cinematic delivery.

The winner of the 2017 Dean’s award for Cinematic Distinction Serkadis Megabiyaw with her short film Our Compound. This was the first year the Dean’s award for Cinematic Distinction was given.  In 2 minutes and 23 seconds Serkadis spoke volumes on leadership, on conformism, on peer pressure, how we treat our environment! Watch her powerful short Our Compound.

Serkadis is an Ethiopian filmmaker and TV producer, who resides in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. She took part of the 2015 filmmaking training program that Prof. Lucy Gebre Egziabher delivered during her Fulbright Scholarship in Ethiopia.

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