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STEMHAWKS is a NOVA mentoring program designed to assist STEM students achieve their goals by providing academic and career path services. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEMHAWKS is governed by the Division of Math, Science, Technology, and Business (MSTB) on the Annandale Campus. The program director in Dr. Mahaela Chamberlin. All NOVA STEM students are encouraged to take advantage of the program regardless of campus affiliation.

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STEMHAWKS’ goal is to provide students with services that will enhance their NOVA educational experience. The STEMHAWKS faculty and staff are the primary service providers and are tasked with ensuring that STEMHAWKS’ students benefit from the program’s services. The STEMHAWKS’ primary services are as follows.

 Mentor NOVA STEM students.
 Tutor and connect NOVA STEM students with the appropriate tutoring service.
 Serve as an advisor to assist NOVA STEM students achieve their desired outcomes.
 Evaluate NOVA STEM students’ academic progress using formative and summative methods established by the STEMHAWKS administration.
 Engage in outreach with the goal of attracting and supporting potential NOVA STEM students
 Provide pathways to baccalaureate programs in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
 Create research opportunities and provide students with guidance as they endeavor to conduct research.
 Coordinate with STEM based organizations to develop internships for mentees.

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