Volume 32


This is the first time in seventeen years that Steve Drasner hasn’t reviewed submissions for The Northern Virginia Review. His absence has been keenly felt at this year’s Editorial Board meetings, and I’m sure I speak for everyone on the Board who knew Steve when I say that his spirit is still with us. He especially enjoyed reviewing art submissions, and we can still hear him saying, “That piece would make a terrific cover!” or, fascinated, “Oh . . . that’s supposed to be a tree? I didn’t see that. Did you see that?” On matters great and small, I find myself wondering what Steve would say, listening for his voice. (Read more . . .)



FICTION PRIZE: Opacities of the Soul by Jacob Appel 

POETRY PRIZE: Odalisque by Jessica Rapisarda 

ART PRIZE: “Swing It” by Wayne Guenther: