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Mike Maggio’s latest poetry collection is out!

San Francisco Bay Press has just released Mike Maggio’s new poetry collection, Let’s Call It Paradise. The book looks at contemporary society through the lens of consumerism and illuminates aspects of modern society that often remain buried beneath the deluge of the daily information overload.  With its postmodern approach, its use of collage, erasure and visual verse, the poems explore the sociopolitical constructs that make us who we are as an American and as a global society.



Here is what is being said about Let’s Call It Paradise

“Unforgettable, honest, brilliant, and to the point.  – Robert P. Arthur, author of Disclosures, Collected Poems of Robert P. Arthur and Aswim in Gaea 

“Carnivalesque and manic. Be prepared to be surprised. Whatever limits you have put on the possibilities of poetry, Maggio’s poems exceed them.” –  Eric Pankey, Professor of English, Heritage Chair in Writing, George Mason University.

“Mike Maggio is a master craftsman. These poems are adventures. Maggio juxtaposes language in ways that break into new energies.” – Grace Cavalieri, Maryland Poet Laureate.

“A fun-house full of mirrors reflecting on the way we live today. [Maggio’s] book extends the boundaries of what we normally think of as poetry in order to amuse, startle and enlighten.”  – Henry Hart, Mildred and J.B. Hickman Professor of English and Humanities, College of William & Mary

“Mike Maggio’s new book looks at our current America with sardonic humor and unresigned hope. In this terrific, often funny book, we are asked to face our creation.” – Jennifer Atkinson, author of The Thinking Eye.

“All chopped copy, cerebral glitch, and the damned desire for a world not like this, Maggio’s poems can be fiercely political, fiercely funny, and wonderfully weird.” – Joe Hall, author of Someone’s Utopia.

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About Mike Maggio
Mike Maggio is the author or 10 books, including poetry, novels and short stories. His work has appeared in The Montserrat Review, Pleiades, Apalachee Quarterly, The Northern Virginia Review, The L.A. Weekly, The Washington City Paper, Beltway Quarterly and many others. He is an associate editor at Potomac Review and an adjunct Professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College.  He is currently working on a novel about Italian immigrants.