Volume 29

Spring 2015

2015 Cover Art by Rosemary Gallick

2015 Cover Art by Rosemary Gallick


The board of The Northern Virginia Review and I are thrilled to offer you, dear reader, another inspiring collection of art, prose and poetry in Volume 29. We received an excellent selection of submissions this year. We invite you to enter into the creative province of the human heart, on full display in this edition (Read more . . . )

Contest Winners:

PROSE When Calvin Didn’t Come Home by Dorothy Graff-Kondal

POETRY: Of Soy by Carina Yun

ART: Street Art by Willa Friedman




Robert Christiano Reb Henry
Dorothy Graff-Kondal / When Calvin Didn’t Come Home” by Dorothy Graff-Kondal
Elaine Kessler / Lifting the Veil
Mary Carpenter / Numbers
Stephanie Dupal-Demartin / Easter in the Apocalypse
Jessica Piscitelli / What Are the Odds?
Ginger Pinholster /  PBJ_42
Roger Pincus / Pictures of Watchdogs
Joseph Zanona / in the spaces between us

Jen Stein / Unseasonable January
Amy Young / Ossicles
Carina Yun / On the Anniversary of Your Disappearance
Kirsten Hampton  / What Holds Us Together
Carina Yun / Of Soy
Robert Lesman / Duds
Mike Maggio / My paltry piece of paradise
Robert Scott / 300 Cigarettes

E. Laura Golberg /  Abode
Sarah Ann Winn / Magritte’s Hound
Louise White / Mint
Sally Zakariya / Mackerel Sky
Amanda Bausch / The Somnambulist
Gregory Luce / Cool Evening in Late July
Pia Taavila-Borsheim / Wednesday Mornings

Sabeen Raja / I Am Not Forgiven
Damon Green / Mossy Tree / Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Fred Siskind Green Frog Face, Huntley Meadows Park
Robert Allen Beland / Herd of Boats / Spanish Moss
Huston Dove / Untitled
Donald Depuydt / Lucky Strike
Elizabeth Lynch / Sleep of the Three Wise Men
Tina Morrison / Snacking Goldfinch
Street Art / Willa Friedman
Miriam St. Clair / West Pennsylvania Backroad