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Volume 17 Submissions Are Open

Submissions are now open for the Spring 2021 Volume of The Walrus. See the Submissions page for instructions about how to submit. The deadline for submissions is set for March 5, 2021.*



*Circumstances owing to the COVID-19 pandemic may cause this date to move; however, we will update well in advance of that date if this occurs.

2020 Festival of the Arts Student Writing Contest

Submissions for the 2020 Festival of the Arts Student Writing contest are now open. The Submission Information page will take you to the form to submit. Note that MyNova credentials are required to sign in and submit.

Rules are noted on the form, but are listed  here as a reminder:

  1. The submission deadline is Friday, March 6, 2020, by midnight
  2. A student NOVA email is required to submit files for consideration
  3. Multiple entries are allowed
    • Each entry must be a separate submission
    • Writers are subject to limits below, and subsequent entries above these limits will not be considered (email the journal editor to have unintended entries removed):
      • 3 poems
      • 1 short fiction piece (max 5,000 words)
      • 1 short creative nonfiction piece (max 5,000 words)
      • 1 script (max 20 pages), and
      • 1 graphical fiction piece (experimental, winners will be published only online)
  4. Standard manuscript submission is double-spaced, 12-pt, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins
  5. First- and second-place prizewinners in the contest will be announced at The Walrus Awards event during Festival of the Arts
  6. Selected works for publication will also be announced with the prizewinners in The Walrus
  7. Writers whose work is selected for publication will be notified by email