Changes to NOVA Math Courses – effective Fall 2018


What new math?
Every math course at NOVA is getting a new number, and some are getting new content, too. A few are going away.

Are you kidding?

Really, everything?
Everything except MTT.

To make transferring work better. All community colleges will teach the same courses with the same official outlines. We’ve negotiated transfer agreements with sixteen public colleges and universities already.

But what about the courses I already took?
Most courses are just getting new numbers, and databases everywhere are already programmed for them. If a course fit your degree program before, it still does.

So what’s the change?
Math for the Liberal Arts I and II, 151 and 152, will be replaced in most cases by MTH 154, Quantitative Reasoning, and MTH 245, Statistics I. Elementary Statistics, MTH 157, will no longer be offered. Calculus I and II will now have 4 credits, not 5, and Discrete Math will have 3 credits, not 4. Finite Math I and II will be combined into one course, MTH 165.

I want to repeat my old course for a better grade!
Then you might have to hurry. The courses that are changing more than just a number (151, 152, 157, 173, 174, 181/182, 286) will be taught for the very last time in Fall 2018, when they’ll be offered only at Annandale or online. That’s a big deal !

Am I missing something?
We’re all adjusting. Your faculty adviser, counselor, and math instructors can answer your questions. Talk with them!

The following math courses, 151, 152, 157, 173, 174, 181/182, and 286 will be taught for the very last time in Fall 2018, at AN and ELI only!


Annual College Transfer Fair – Annandale Campus – March 28, 2016

The annual College Transfer Fair will take place on Monday, March 28, 2016 from 1:00-3:00pm in the CE Gymnasium. Representatives from over 40 colleges and universities will be in attendance. The College Transfer Fair is a major event on the Annandale campus and last year more than 600 students participated! This is a great opportunity for students interested in transferring to a four-year college/university to learn more about the admissions process and transfer requirements.

For more detailed information about the event and a list of participating colleges/universities, please see below.