The Process

A Step-By-Step Guide to Summering @ NOVA


STEP 1 – Select a Course

  • Search schedule of classes (select Alexandria Campus) [open date]
  • Identify NOVA course that aligns with you home institution curriculum


STEP 2 – Approve a Course

  • Request recent course syllabus from NOVA, Alexandria division office
    • Languages, Arts, and Social Sciences [703-845-6342]
    • Math, Science, Technology, and Business [703-845-6302]
  • Provide syllabus to your advisor/dean for pre-approval of NOVA course
  • Complete any necessary forms required by home institution
  • Planning to use financial aid for NOVA Course?
    • Contact home institution financial aid office
    • Request a “consortium agreement” for NOVA


STEP 3 – Take a Course

  • Complete NOVA online application
  • Activate and monitor NOVA email address
  • Register for NOVA course in SIS
  • Pay for course/submit financial aid paperwork


STEP 4 – Transfer a Course

  • Request official NOVA transcript
  • Send official transcript to registrar at home institution
  • Get NOVA credits applied to your home institution curriculum


Remember to work closely with your faculty advisor at your home institution to make sure the courses taken at NOVA will transfer.