Visiting Ceramic’s Artist Margaret Boozer

Margat Boozer

Margaret Boozer is the Founder and Director of Red Dirt Studio, an artist incubator in Mt. Rainier, MD, and Co-Director and founding member of NY Urban Soil Institute’s Art Extension Service.  Over the years, her studio practice of digging native clays has led to collaborations with soil scientists and work that explore intersections of art and science.

Margaret came to speak with our ceramics students about her studio and about clay, it’s color, it’s function and out of the box creating.

Ceramics Visiting Artist Margaret Boozer speaks to ceramic class students about the scientific and environmental aspects of clay color and use at NOVA Alexandria’s Campus. Photo by Britt Conley.

“Red Dirt Studio is a warehouse studio and incubator for a small group of independently practicing artists and creative professionals, from fresh out of school to nationally known.  We share resources, offer critical feedback and push each other toward greater professionalism in our work. It’s a space for projects, community exchange and radical imagination.”

One of the wonderful aspects of Margaret’s job, working with scientists as Director at the Art Extension Service to the NYC Urban Soils Institute.  She is also passionate about found clay in situ and using various clay colorings as palette within her artistic creations.  Digging it up and bringing  it back to the studio allows her to add geographic storylines to her creative process.

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