Faculty who teach in the Paralegal Studies program must: 1) be knowledgeable about the paralegal profession and developments within paralegal education, 2) have experience working with or as paralegals, and 3) be committed to the education and utilization of paralegal services.

The legal professionals who teach in┬áNOVA’s ABA approved program include:

Full Time Faculty

Joyce McMillan, Assistant Division Dean http://blogs.nvcc.edu/jmcmillan

Kelly Hebron http://blogs.nvcc.edu/khebron

Adjunct Faculty

Jennifer Carroll-Foy

Melony Joe Ellinger

Janet Fiorentino

Cecilia Galloway-Sheil

Edneka L. Haynes

Megan Herndon

Maureen Meyer

Angela Gaddis Moore

Meghan Roddy

Lesley Zimmerman