Faculty that teach in the Paralegal Studies program must: 1) be knowledgeable about the paralegal profession and developments within paralegal education, 2) have experience working with or as a paralegal, and 3) be committed to the education and utilization of paralegal services.

The legal professionals who teach in┬áNOVA’s ABA approved program include:

Full Time Faculty

Joyce McMillan, JD, Assistant Dean http://blogs.nvcc.edu/jmcmillan

Kelly Hebron, JD http://blogs.nvcc.edu/khebron

Adjunct Faculty

Jennifer Carroll-Foy

Melony Joe Ellinger

Janet Fiorentino

Cecilia Galloway-Sheil

Edneka L. Haynes

Megan Herndon

Maureen Meyer

Angela Gaddis Moore