Nursing Program Update

Printer in CA 111 READY TO GO!

Please print to the CA 111 printer for all Faculty Advising Center needs!

Thank you to Dr. Kimberly Wright who supplied printer ink cartridges!

Also, Dr. Kimberly Wright is a valuable advising resource who is located in CA 110 during Advising Week. If you cannot reach a FAM with a question, please feel free to ask Dr. Wright.

Thank you Dr. Wright! You are a huge help! The Annandale Faculty appreciate your experience and knowledge.

Sign up for the Advising Center in CA 111

Beginning November 5, faculty will volunteer their time advising students in CA 111. There will be faculty from both the LASS and MSTB divisions.

Faculty will staff the Advising Center from 10am to 3pm Mondays through Fridays beginning November 5 ending February 1.

Please sign up to get your desired time slot!!!

Note: You will need your MyNova creditials to login.

Please sign up in one hour increments. Do not sign up for only 30 minutes at a time, please.