Chemistry Resources for Biology Students!

Welcome! We know that the first few weeks of biology can be rather intense, especially with all of the chemistry being thrown your way. The resources you find here are meant to help make the material a bit easier to grasp.

Playlist of all videos

Module 1: Why Study Chemistry in Biology – Video

Module 2: Elements and Subatomic Particles – Mind Map

Part 1: Elements, Periodic Table, and Atoms – Video

Part 2: Isotopes and Electrons – Video

Worksheet (docx) – Worksheet (pdf)

Module 3: Compounds and Molecules – Mind Map

Part 1: Covalent Bonds – Video

Part 2: Ionic Bonds and More – Video

Worksheet (docx) – Worksheet (pdf)

Module 4: Energy! – Mind Map –  Video

Worksheet (docx) – Worksheet (pdf)

Module 5: Chemical Reactions – Mind MapVideo

Worksheet (docx) – Worksheet (pdf)

Module 6: Water – Video

Module 7: Solvents and Solutions

Part 1: Water Mixtures – Video

Part 2: Solute Concentrations – Video

Worksheet (docx) – Worksheet (pdf)

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