The Film Exposed blog site is an exploration and examination of the film and video courses offered on the Woodbridge campus of Northern Virginia Community College.  Though we continue in our efforts to eventually offer a film/video degree or certificate program, we feel the more interest and enrollment in the courses that are currently offered will be the foundation for this ever-expanding foray into Woodbridge film.

If you have any interest in film, even if just to find out how the magic happens, you owe it to yourself to explore these courses:

PHT 130 – Video Production I (Professor Stallings/Oatis)

PHT 274 – Digital Editing (Professor Stallings)

PHT special topics courses (PHT 295/298) – Cinematography, Directing (Stallings)

CST 151 – Film Appreciation (Professor Brown)

CST 152 – Film Appreciation II (Professor Brown)

CST 250 – Art of Cinema (Professor Brown)

ENG 219 – Scriptwriting (Professor Cochran)

ENG 279 – Film & Literature (Professor Cochran)

PHT 100 – Introduction to Photography (Professor Rebhan); and view the other photography courses available too (PHT 101 – Photo I; PHT 135 – Electronic Darkroom; PHT 270 – Digital Imaging)

CST 140 – Acting for the Camera (Professors Trumbull and Tyson); and view the other theatre courses available too.

*PHT 131 – Video Production II (Professor Stallings)

*This course is a collaborative venture for the students that will encompass many of the above classes and/or professors in creating a polished, professional short film worthy of inclusion on a demo reel.