A Demo Reel of clips from various student films from the Woodbridge campus of NOVA:

2018 NOVA Woodbridge Film Program Demo Reel (covers about two years of select student clips from 2016 to 2018):

2015 NOVA Woodbridge Film Program Demo Reel (covers about 2 and a half years of work by the students):

NOVA Woodbridge Promotional Video 2014

NOVA Woodbridge Promotional Video 2013 (theatrical version):

These videos were done as a setup to what happens in the promotional video.  Please enjoy all three:

“Down” music video by Cameron Pierson (PHT 131 – Video II class):


An experimental project created by class in spring 2015 (spoof of Matrix):

Behind the scenes look at the making of the iPad Matrix event:

A video created by the NOVA Woodbridge Filmmaking Club with the assistance of Jonathan Balsamo:

2012 NOVA Woodbridge Filmmaking Demo Reel (includes about one and a half years of student film footage cut into a montage):

Class film project for ART 161 in Spring 2018

Class film project for ART 161 in Fall 2018

The library tour video created by our cinematography class students and edited by our digital editing class students:

Review some of the video projects of our past students in PHT 130.

Please note that these projects were created as part of the PHT 130 course and meant to be viewed by those students interested in taking film/video courses on the Woodbridge campus of NOVA; therefore, there is a mixture of original and free music and copyright protected music.  The students do not wish to infringe on the rights of any artists, so please know these videos and the use of the music is only meant to exhibit the works of these students.

Short film from two advanced film students who completed this project as part of a supervised study class:


PHT 131 (Video II) Class Short Film: “Clownfish

PHT 131 Class Short Film: “There’s Something About Alex”

Plight of the Yeti By Paige Fischer and Meghan Oney

“No Nah” music video (PHT 130 students)

“Colorado Girl” music video (PHT 130 students)


Commercial for “Hometowne Auto Repair & Tire” by PHT 131 students:

“Quarantine” Projects (from ART 161 and CST 270 when students were forced from the classroom to online because of the Coronavirus pandemic in Spring 2020 and the nature of their projects had to change on short notice – notice the use of stop motion as a dominate platform with a lack of cast and crew)

(and a behind the scenes video of the creation of the video above)

(see a video below which is a creative use of sound in telling a story through visuals and audio – your imagination will be spiked with this chilling exploration of an event in 1941)

(an excellent example of properly done Machinima in the video below)

(and back to some more traditional stop-motion content)

Some of the final projects from Fall 2019 PHT 274 (Digital Editing and Post Production) – they are 80s music video concepts:

Fall 2020 (a mixed bag of stop motion, COVID quarantine videos, 80s music videos, and other assorted student work from a semester mostly online):

Fall 2019:

(These next two are done by separate students but are a continuation of the other)

Fall 2019:

(Some Halloween Montages):

Fall 2017:

Spring 2018:

Fall 2018:

Spring 2019:

Some of the final projects from Fall 2018 PHT 274 (Digital Editing and Post Production) – they are 80s music video concepts:

Documentary (“Healing Through Photography”) by Kelsey Williams, Joann Angulo, and Aaron Bacus for PHT 131/ART 161

Spoof commercial completed in PHT 131/ART 161 class – “Beano”


Ding Dong (By Agnes Owusu, Ben Stone, Shea Megale, and Roxana Trujillo)

Jobs for $ale (BY Roxana Trujillo)

High (By Shea Megale)

O Come O Come Emmanuel (By Ben Stone)

Fallout (By Jake Simpson)

Sticky Situation (By Paige Fischer)

The Intruder by Chase Portell

Group montage project by Aaron Bacus and Alan Longbotham (PHT 130)

Group project by Adrianna Carter and Joann Angulo (PHT 130)

Group project by Aaron Bacus and Alan Longbotham (PHT 130)

Final project for Tara’ Davis (PHT 130)

Speak of the Devil By Hunter Oney

Unplugged (By Paige Fischer)

La Chupacabra (By Eddie Gomez)

Foreclosure (By PHT 130 group)

Think Twice By Cassie Lamar-Marshall

Sick Day (Group project for PHT 130)

A Web series intro sequence created by the collaborative efforts of digital editing class and cinematography class

The Deal – group project by: Joey Santiago, Charles Watts, Chris Shepard, and Taylor Laksberg

Woof by Erin Ioannucci

“Therapy” Promo Video for NOVA Woodbridge Filmmaking (two hour shoot exercise for continuity and studio lighting)


Special Project for horror genre about practical effects


Act of Kindness (By Jason Abed)

“Pretty Woman” exercise – shot for shot recreation of a scene in the movie to illustrate continuity and story progression


Slenderman (By Allan Setash)

Magi Trip (by Christian Watkins)

Documentary by PHT 130 students in spring 2012

Documentary by PHT 130 students in Fall 2012