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Fulbright Scholar Awards Announced for 2013/14

Consider a Fulbright for 2013….. Deadline is August 1, 2012

 Fulbright Award Catalog 2013/14

Awards particularly seeking Community College participation…

Community College Administrators Seminar in Russia

Community College Faculty Award in Russia

There are several scholar awards that DO NOT require a PhD which may be of interest to NOVA faculty. Contact me for more details…

Other resources…

Archived Webinar on “What’s New for Fulbright for 2013”

As NOVA’s Fulbright campus representative, you may be interested to know I have worked at IIE/CIES  with the Fulbright Scholar program for 6 years prior to my position at NOVA . Don’t hesitate to contact me as I  am eager to assist  and guide faculty through the  application process. 

Stacey Bustillos

Coordinator, Office of Global Studies and Programs