NEW HOURS Virtual Open Lab




Wednesday: 7 to 10 PM

Friday: 5 to 10 PM

Saturday: 5 to 10 PM

Sunday: 5 to 8 PM

ID: 804 764 7255

Join Zoom Meeting

Join the Virtual Open Lab as we all are forced to stay at home.

We are isolated and staying at home, but the process of learning goes on. Also, we are maintaining social distance, but our classes and assignments continue. Therefore, we do not have to dwell with intellectual isolation.

I am your Lab Assistant and my plan is to assist and engage with you during lab hours. I will help you to accomplish your goals in your assignments. Therefore, if you need guide using Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, you will see my screen, to guide you with those programs. A waiting room is created, for your privacy.

This is the invitation for the Virtual Open Lab.  

Look forward to see you there!