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If you are interested in testing your cyber skills, learning new skills, and polishing your resume and job interview techniques register to attend the virtual Commonwealth Cyber Initiative Summer Camp. The camp is being held virtually on three consecutive Saturdays––July 31, August 7, and August. Register to attend by May 6th.

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Chart your path towards a great career future by learning the most effective EdTech tools to become newsworthy. Learn how to apply your work to tools that will help you increase collaboration and foster innovation.

Learn about NOVA degrees and career paths in cybersecurity and data center operations from experienced college faculty!

Learn how to create more effective presentations, organize data, and create more effective documents at STEM Careers’ FREE Virtual Microsoft Boot Camp Week, May 3-7 on Zoom.


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Keep up with additional resources, events, webinars, etc. happening outside of NOVA by following the IET Career Coach Wakelet page. The link is below. Resources and events will be uploaded consistently. If you have any resources or events that you would like to contribute and share information to be added to the Wakelet, feel free to reach out to me via email at

Spring/Summer 2021 Internships with GDIT

There are several internship positions open with GDIT NOW! Visit any of the links below to view the positions. You can also search for additional internship opportunities by going to and search for “(Intern)” to see other available intern positions across GDIT. Note that ALL of these internship positions are 100% virtual.
Req # Job Posting Title Link to Review/Apply
RQ76341 Systems Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ76298 Category Management Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ75832 Functional Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ76218 IT Operations Associate (Intern)
RQ76368 Systems Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ76220 Cyber Security Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ76385 Program Capture And Engagement Analyst (intern)
RQ76219 Communications Specialist Associate (Intern)
RQ75879 Information System Associate
RQ76217 Cyber Security Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ75067 ITC#2504 Cyber Security Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ75070 ITC#2505 Cyber Security Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ75072 ITC#2506 Cyber Security Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ75245 Technical Editor Associate (Intern)
RQ75050 ITC#2500 Cyber Security Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ75056 ITC#2501 Cyber Security Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ75119 ITC#2519 Technical Editor Associate (Intern)
RQ75120 ITC# 2520 Business Process Analyst  Associate (Intern)
RQ73121 ITC# 2478 Technical Editor Associate (Intern)
RQ75054 ITC#2502 Information  Security Analyst Associate
RQ75060 ITC#2503 Information  Security Analyst Associate
RQ73420 ITC#2509 Technical  Writer I (Intern)
RQ75139 ITC#2415 Database Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ74754 ITC#2511 Business Process Analyst  Associate (Intern)
RQ74838 ITC#2507 Cyber Security Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ74839 ITC#2508 Cyber Security Analyst Associate (Intern)
RQ74765 ITC#2513 Cloud Development Associate (Intern)
RQ74770 ITC#2514 Cloud Development Associate (Intern)
RQ74772 ITC#2515 Cloud Development Associate (Intern)
RQ74773 ITC#2516 Cloud Development Associate (Intern)
RQ74774 ITC#2517 Cloud Development Associate (Intern)


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Help Launch the NEW NOVA Engage Community App: Friday, January 29th, 10:00am-11:00am OR Monday, February 1st, 7:00pm-8:00pm

You can help introduce this to the NOVA community. We are offering information sessions that will help you understand how to download, login, create a profile and utilize various features of the app. The meetings will also set the groundwork for launch day and how we will initially ENGAGE students, faculty, and staff. Visit the link below to get more information about the App!

Virginia Career Works Statewide Virtual Hiring Event: February 4th, 1:00pm-4:00pm


Career Day with GDIT: Wednesday, February 10, 10:00am-11:00am

Interested in a career in IT? Join Northern Virginia Community College’s (NOVA) Information and Engineering Technology Division (IET) and General Dynamics (GDIT) on February 10, 2021, at 10 am to learn about exciting career paths and opportunities with GDIT. GDIT supports some of the most complex government, defense, and intelligence projects across the country bringing the expertise needed to understand and advance critical missions. In this 1-hour virtual Zoom session, you will learn about GDIT and how they support clients in utilizing innovative technology solutions, strategy, and mission services needed to get the job done and career opportunities with the GDIT team!

Resume Building Workshop with The Career Engineer: Wednesday, February 24, 6:00pm-7:30pm
Interviewing Skills Workshop with The Career Engineer: Wednesday, March 3, 6:00pm-7:30pm

NOVA SySTEMic and the IET Division are hosting Virtual Resume Building and Interviewing Workshops led by The Career Engineer (TCE) via Zoom. TCE can help increase your career confidence and impact your chance to land your dream job!

Get Career Ready- Sign up to participate in NOVA’s Career and Leadership Readiness Institute

Do you want to be a more competitive job candidate?

Join the NOVA Career and Leadership Readiness Institute (CLRI) and improve your Career and Leadership Skills!

By participating in the Career and Leadership Readiness Institute you will:
  • Enhance your career and leadership skills
  • Learn to work effectively in a diverse workplace
  • Develop career connections through leadership and professional development activities.
  • Network with professionals in various industries
Attend an upcoming CLRI Orientation Session to learn more!
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