Planning your Schedule

When class schedules are created, every effort is made to meet the needs of the majority of students. In addition, schedules are designed so that day and evening students have an opportunity to take the courses necessary to complete the degree requirements.

For example: Introduction to Law, Family Law, Legal Research, and Legal Writing are usually offered in the day and evening in the fall and spring semesters. However, the rest of the LGL courses are offered in the day and evening during alternate semesters. 

Paralegal students are encouraged to meet with a program advisor before completing their class schedule. This helps ensure that students will be able to complete the program in a more timely manner.

It is important for students to follow the sequencing plan when taking legal specialty courses. The following suggested schedule is for students who attend full time:

Semester #1

Introduction to Law & the Paralegal (LGL 110)

Legal Research (LGL 125) [prerequisite to Legal Writing]

Real Estate Law (LGL 115) [offered face-to-face and online)

Family Law (LGL 117)

Semester #2

Legal Writing (LGL 126)

Torts (LGL 215)

Trial Practice (LGL 217)

Criminal Law (LGL 218)

Semester #3

Estate Planning & Probate (LGL 225)

Legal Transactions (LGL 230)

Legal Aspects of Business Org (LGL 235) [offered face-to-face and online]

General education requirements that have not been met with a previous degree must also be taken.

The full list of courses is here: