About the Lyceum Committee

A Lyceum is a public hall for discussions. In 2022, this can mean a virtual or an in-person discussion.

Over the past four years of chairing the Lyceum committee, I’ve been so proud of the programs this committee has put forward to the NOVA community! We’ve discussed current events that impact everyday Virginians and specifically, our students and college community. We’ve hosted speakers discussing redistricting, the ERA, cannabis and prison reform, memorials to the enslaved Virginians who lived and died on this land, and many more topics. We’ve tried our best to highlight local leaders and issues, as well as tackled larger issues facing our country, such as white supremacy and immigration. And we’ve always highlighted our own talented faculty when we could.

Our Committee is open to any staff and faculty who wish to bring speakers to campus. Please reach out to Professor Melissa Chabot at mchabot@nvcc.edu to learn more and to join. We typically meet twice per semester to review speaker ideas and plan our events.