Nice to meet you!

Who am I?   My name is Michelle Klein! 

What do I teach? BIO101 General Biology online

What are online sciences courses like?  Time consuming!  The distance learning option is great for people who need flexibility in their lives. Do know that this course follows the same guidelines and  learning objectives as the on campus face-to-face version. We do have online lectures that you will listen to, textbooks to read, labs to perform and submit.  If you choose to take an online science class, make sure you have reserved time in your schedule. It’s easy to fall behind, but very difficult to catch up.

Why do I like Biology?  Honestly?… Really?… This is the study of life! Life is amazing, fabulous, stupendous, ever-changing!  How fun is that?!?!

What are my interests?  Knitting, technology, cooking and eating the food my husband grows on our organic farm!