NOVA’s Night of Science and the ARTS!

NOVA’s Night of Science and the Arts is an annual K-12 community outreach event at the Annandale Campus aimed at introducing children (K-12 and their parents!) to hands-on learning about a great diversity of subjects.  It showcases the research and critical thinking teaching approaches of our faculty and staff from the divisions of Math, Science, Technology, and Business and the Languages, Arts, and Social Sciences.  It is an immersive experience designed to be hands-on.  It is a free event.

Professors and Professionals representing a variety of disciplines including Mathematics, Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Physics, IT, Language Arts, Music, Art, Engineering, and more will have experimental stations for you and your kids to enjoy.  This is hands-on and meant for all ages of kids.  Please note, because many stations are in working labs and our professors want kids and their families to experiment– all minors must be accompanied by adults (18 or over).

The next NOSA event  will be

MAY 8, 2024!!!!!!!!!!!


There will be fan favorites as well as new modules to share with eager minds young and older!


Registration will close on May 1st

Registration is required for all attending-adults and the child(ren).  We take safety seriously! Please register by May 1st. 

5:30-8:30 pm, CS & CM Buildings on Annandale Campus

Check in-CS Building–For instructions on how to get to the Annandale Campus and the CS building:

And always–Remember to wash your hands, socially distance when possible, and stay healthy!   Please check out our COVID-19 resources.

Want to know more about Microbes and our Immune Systems?

August 29th: Microbes and You: A Primer on the Immune System

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who came to our May 2023 Event!

Thank you to our Provost’s office for sponsoring our events and all our past sponsors.



Some of the Experiential Modules from our 2023 Event!

Navigating the VR world with the help from our Faculty Resource Center Professionals
Parents and kids are encouraged to participate together
and even Gummy Bear Sacrifices-the chemistry way
Gummy Bears really burn brightly!

Proper Attire is required: 

Closed toe shoes, pants, and shirts with sleeves. 

Our youngest scientist, (both parents are doctors and professors) demonstrating a heart dissection and discussing the structure and function of the heart
Dr. Schomber working with a young chemist.


  • “Thank you for organizing such an amazing event. We go to a ton of Science festivals in the area and this was by far the most fun and educational!  Looking forward to attending more Science Nights!”
  • “Thank you all for having us out! It was great! We look forward to the next event. “
  • “I want to qualify my opinion by saying that I have an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood, a masters degree in Elementary Education, and  Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. I am trained as a Montessori Teacher and have taught in both elementary and university settings. What you have provided for our children was hands down, the best execution of a STEM immersion experience, I have personally ever seen.”
  • “I want to strongly underscore the need and potential for this program to radically change how children and families relate to and experience math and science, especially in higher education.”
  • “Your prizes were not more junk we didn’t need but were high quality learning materials that my kids are still telling everyone about. Our eight year old got a Galileo Thermometer that he keeps next to his bed and has been using to inform us to regulate our home temperature (I kid you not). Our five year old came home with a giant red blood cell plushie that he is sleeping with. He wants more of them. We studied them online a bit afterward and (as an early childhood person) I have to say I think these are brilliant learning tools! Thanks to this experience, he currently knows more about parts of our blood and microbes than most adults I know.”

We look forward to meeting you and your kids!

Using the Anatomage Table to better understand anatomy


IF you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to our program, please use this link to the Northern Virginia Educational Foundation and type in Annandale’s Night of Science and the The Arts to ensure the funds go to our program.

Thank you for your support!