The Challenges of Raising Children and Who Has It Worst?

The Challenges of Raising Children and Who Has It Worst?

“Please control your child.” is something all parents hate to hear. Whether you are younger or older this is going to be said to you. For example, I am a single parent raising my three year old boy in my parents’ home, and I constantly hear my parents screaming “come get this boy.” Usually after the screaming back and forth, my parents realize I am only twenty-two, and then I start to realize it as well. Parenting can be very difficult,whether you are an older or younger parent; however, older parents are more effective when it comes to raising children.

While younger parents offer great values in their children, older parents set longer lasting values such as manners, responsibility, and patience. Manners are very important because when you are meeting someone that is one of the first things you are being judged on. Older parents usually dress their children appropriately for most occasions, for example, formal events you are most likely to see their child fully clothed and suited properly for the event, and also behaving pleasantly to everyone around. Since older parents come from a different time period, they tend to carry traditional values such as responsibilities. These include, getting up early and working hard for very long hours, owning up to mistakes, and learning to become independent.

It takes a lot of patience when dealing with children, no matter the age of the child. When younger children are getting sick, tired, sad, angry, or hungry their response to what their feeling are usually unpleasant, until a parent corrects them; older parents techniques for this kind of behavior are more effective. To illustrate, an older parent dealing with an angry child tactics usually involves patience, listening to what the child has to say, and getting understanding of why the child is angry, so they can resolve the issue. The values listed above are values a child needs to grow and ultimately become successful in life; older parents are more successful at enforcing them.

Although older parents have great values for their children, many younger parents have some good ones as well. Younger parents are very well equipped when in dealing with social and self-help values. Society is changing rapidly, and keeping up with that can be very difficult. Younger parents are more aware of this, and are able to teach their children how to keep up, for example, teaching their child how to use a computer is very essential in these current times. The method of self-help is something all parents offer their child; however younger parents do a great job at enforcing it. If the child is at an appropriate age, and would like to get something practical such as something to drink, the younger parent is more likely to show the child how to get it and make the child get it them self. As opposed to older parents who would just get it for them. Younger parents are really great at keeping up with their children. Another value younger parents have is motivation. In these current times, there are younger parents going to school in comparison to older parents. Raising a child, going to school, and working are very hard things to do, but younger parents have proved over the years it can be done. By doing this younger parents are more likely to motivate their children into finishing school. However, older parents still offer longer lasting values, which are more important.

Financial stability is something all parents need to have for their child. Older parents are usually married with two sources of income, and are able to maintain steady funds. Often having long term employment, older parents can afford to take off of work any time they want. For example, when a child has to leave school, or any other place he/she is being cared in, it is not an inconvenience of pay. This is not to say that younger parents do not offer financial stability for their children, but age does have a lot to do with employment. For example, you are most likely to see an older person at a career position before you will see a younger person. Older parents usually have their own home, transportation, and health insurance for the family. A stable income is very hard to maintain, even for older parents. However, older parents tend to make wiser choices to prevent these kinds of events from happening. While younger parents are trying to achieve these goals for their children, age affects this process.

On the other hand, younger parents have a harder time starting financial independence. For instance, most utility companies ask the same questions; what is your age and have you ever held a bill in your name? This question is unfair for young parents who are just starting out on their own because most of them have not, and they have to go through a lot before getting a bill in their name. Can you imagine what it’s like for them? Whereas, older parents have gone through this process, and are ready to enjoy their hard work. Another reason younger parents struggle financially is because most of them are single with one income, unlike older parents who are usually married with two incomes. Because younger parents do not have financial experience, it is hard for them to create financial stability for their children

I believe that all parents have the challenge of raising children, but younger parents have it worst. The advantages that older parents have can play a large part on how the child or children grow up. I am a young parent myself, and I wish that I had the skills and the level of experience my parents have to raise my son, but I do not and it is okay because the only thing I have to do is my best, and that is all any parent can do.

– Myra Miles, 2nd Place in Essay