Western Civilizations: HIS 101

Image of the Emperor Justinian.
Culos, Roger. Photo of San Vitale Mosaic. Wikimedia. 2015. Digital Image. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sanvitale03.jp

This is an open textbook intended to be used for HIS 101 classes at Northern Virginia Community College.

Please keep in mind that your instructor may be using a different textbook than this one. Please check your class syllabus to verify what textbook is used.

This book was originally created by Dr. Christopher Brooks at Portlands Community College. Its URL can be found at: https://www.pcc.edu/staff/christopher-brooks3/. The following information is what is contained in the original site. This “fork” of the original textbook to attempt to improve the presentation and flexibility of the original text. Any changes, addition or edits should be considered to be done under the same license as the original, contained below.

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Volume 1, Introduction

Volume 1, Chapter 1: The Origins of Civilization

Volume 1, Chapter 2: Egypt

Volume 1, Chapter 3: The Bronze and Iron Ages

Volume 1, Chapter 4: The Archaic Age of Greece

Volume 1, Chapter 5: Persia and the Greek Wars

Volume 1, Chapter 6: The Classical Age of Greece

Volume 1, Chapter 7: The Hellenistic Age

Volume 1, Chapter 8: The Roman Republic

Volume 1, Chapter 9: The Roman Empire

Volume 1, Chapter 10: The Late Empire and Christianity

Volume 1, Chapter 11: Byzantium

Volume 1, Chapter 12: Islam and the Caliphates

Volume 1, Chapter 13: Early Medieval Europe

Volume 2, Chapter 1: The High Middle Ages

Volume 2, Chapter 2: The Crises of the Middle Ages

Volume 2, Chapter 3: The Renaissance

Volume 2, Chapter 4: Politics in the Renaissance Era

Volume 2, Chapter 5: European Exploration

Volume 2, Chapter 6: Reformations