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All students must complete Lab Safety Training.

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Before doing any experiment you will have to take the lab safety quiz and sign the Acceptance of Risk Form.

Specific Heat Lab

Experiment Videos
Math Review
Density and Measurements pdf / docx Density and Measurements
Nomenclature pdf / docx
Physical Separations pdf / docx
Chemical Reactions pdf / docx
Stoichiometry pdf / docx
Unlabeled Bottles pdf / docx Unlabeled Bottles
Vinegar Titration pdf / docx Titration 1

Vinegar Titration

No Redox Sp24 Redox 1

Redox 2

Lewis Structures pdf / docx Lewis Structure simulation (by PhET)
Gas Laws pdf / docx Gas Laws

Gas Laws Video 2

Enthalpy of Hydration pdf / docx Enthalpy

Enthalpy Video 2

Specific Heat pdf / docx