Please check your syllabus for scheduled lab dates

  • SDS – use to find chemical safety hazards and physical properties
  • NIST Chemical Search – use to find chemical structures and spectra

All students must complete online Lab Safety Training.  See your Canvas site for the Lab Safety Quiz.

See here for guidelines on how to prepare your lab notebook each week: Notebook guidelines

See here for guidelines on how to write postlabs and lab reports: Postlab and lab report guidelines

Conjugated Systems Post Lab Pre-Lab Lecture
UV Spectrum 1
UV Spectrum 2 (skip printing)
How to set up a Mole Table
Spectroscopy Worksheet (UC Boulder) Rubric IR Operation
NMR Operation
Degree of Unsaturation
The Hydrophobic Effect Post Lab Monolayer videos
Bromination of Vanillin Post Lab Pre-Lab Lecture
EAS Bromination mechanism
Synthesis of Aspirin Post Lab
Biodiesel and Soap Formation (see Canvas) Post Lab
Synthesis of Fragrant Esters Post Lab extensive list of esters
Reduction of Benzil Post Lab
Carbonyl Unknown (see Canvas) Rubric Pre Lab Lecture
Tollens Test
Iodoform Test
Aldol Condensation Post Lab