Honors Meet and Greet on September 28 at the AL Library

The Alexandria Annual Honors Meet and Greet Event was held in the Alexandria Library on September 28. The event was attended by over 60 students and was sponsored by the NOVA Honors Program.  The Alexandria Honors Club members shared their honors experience to many students and faculty members who came to the event.

AL Honors Meet and Greet

Dr. Annette Haggray, Alexandria Provost, students Chelsey Fernandez, Muhammad Muhammad, Charlotte Hepler, Honors Club President and Dr. John Sound, Alexandria Honors chair.

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Transition to VT Honors Program from NOVA Honors Program!

There is a new agreement with Virginia Tech!  Anyone who completes the full honors program at NOVA and graduates from NOVA will automatically get into the Virginia Tech Honors program.  University Honors at VT will accept six (6) credits of NOVA Honors credit to apply to the VT Honors diplomas.  For more information, contact NOVA Honors Chair Dr. John Sound (jsound@nvcc.edu).

VTHonors_to_NOVA_Honors_Articulation Agreement11

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