Upcoming Concerts

Nova Alexandria Music Department Concerts at The RACHEL M. SCHLESINGER CONCERT HALL AND ARTS CENTER

4915 East Campus Drive, Alexandria, VA 22311

FALL 2022

• Oct. 1 Art on the Ave. Music Festival
Concert Band 12-12:45
Jazz Ensemble 1-1:45. Website with more info: https://www.artontheavenue.org/
• Oct. 12 (7:30pm concert): Nighthawks Jazz Ensemble
• Oct. 18, 2022: NOVA Alexandria Community Chorus Concert
• Oct. 27 (8pm concert): NOVA Alexandria Band 45th Anniversary Concert
(world premiere of commissioned work by Mark Camphouse)
• Nov. 11 (8pm concert): NOVA Symphony Orchestra Concert
• Dec. 6 (8pm concert): NOVA Holiday Concert with the
Featuring: The NOVA Alexandria Community Chorus, Nighthawks Jazz Ensemble and the NOVA Alexandria Community Band!