Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How can I login?
You can login in to the computers in the lab using your myNOVA username and password.

What software is there in computer lab?
We have most of the software needed for classes taught in here at the Alexandria Campus installed in the computer lab. Also, please contact us if you need a specific software for your class.  The team OCL will make every effort to make provide the software for you.

How can I print?
In order to print in open computer lab, students need to have their NOVA ID card (Student ID), or a Guest Card (Guest Card can be purchased from a print card machine around the campus).  It is recommended that students add money to the student ID card immediately after obtaining it.

Do computer lab provide some free workshops?
We offer free technology workshops for all NOVA students. stop by the computer lab for more information.

Can I ask a lab assistant to help me with my project or homework?
Lab assistants can help students with equipment, software, and programs taught here at NOVA. You must be currently enrolled student at the Alexandria Campus to receive assistance in the Open Lab.  The staff while committed to helping, will not perform any homework or projects for Students.  Please do not hand your project to the staff and sit beside them and expect the lab staff to complete it, you must show effort and willingness to learn.

Can I scan my documents in computer lab?
Yes, you can scan. High speed scanners and flatbed scanners are available for you to scan any document.  We are requesting to be mindful of other students and limit your scanning when others are waiting to scan five documents only. Please ask the lab assistants for help if you are not sure on how to use the scanner.

Should I bring my own data storage media?
Yes. We strongly recommend that all students save their work on their own storage device, mostly on flash drive, or Lab staff can show you how to save your information/data/files in cloud services.  Computers in the lab are often serviced and files are deleted.  Thus, you risk losing your document if it is saved on the computer.

If I have my own laptop, can I access the network?
Student laptops can be connected to college network using the wireless connections. Students will be able to connect to the wireless network using their myNOVA username and password. One may ask the lab staff to assist with connectivity and the computer will automatically connect to the same network on following visits.

Can I print from my cell phone, tablet or laptop?
There is a set of instructions you need to follow in order to connect your wireless or handheld device to the printer.  Please see Computer Lab staff to help you connect.

Can I apply for admission to NOVA or register for classes in the Lab?
Yes, you may apply for admission to NOVA, register for classes and make online payment using the computer in the Lab.  Ask staff for assistance if you need help with log in process.