Celebrate: Open Education Week!

Youtube Video on Open Educational Resources at NOVA

What is Open Education Week?

Open Education Week is a week-long celebration and awareness event of resources that are free and accessible to learners. These resources are called Open Educational Resources (OER) and can include books, textbooks, software, and tools.

Why is it important?

By choosing OERs, teachers can help remove barriers that might prevent students from further understanding and excelling in their coursework. Even the price of materials coupled with the cost of tuition could be seen as a deterrent from enrolling for some students.

How does the library support OER?

Nova libraries help support students and faculty by providing current and relevant materials in the form of print books, online books, journals, and online databases. These are accessible and FREE to ensure that the most up to date research is available as a foundation for a high caliber curriculum.

Another way that NOVA libraries remove barriers is by providing calculators (4 function, scientific, and graphing) for checkout, as well as leading laptops from our kiosk (Dell and Apple), and offering short term rentals on professional grade cameras, camcorders, and microphones with various accessories.

SOME (not all) textbooks and workbooks are available for short term rental from the circulation desk via our Course Reserves.

For those who are interested in or pursuing fields that lean towards technology, the Annandale Library offers a Digital Media Studio (click here to reserve) complete with the Adobe Creative Cloud (previously Adobe Creative Suite), Photo Booth, iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, Audacity, as well as numerous other programs. Click here for the full list of programs.

As always, please stop by or call the Annandale Library at 703-323-3128 if you have any questions about the FREE resources available to you.