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Software Links:  These are a few resources you can use to make teaching remotely more proficient and enjoyable

    • Brilliant: interactive approach, focuses on math, science, and computer science
    • Coursera: Free courses in a multitude of topics
    • Duolingo: Learn language
    • Google Apps using ZOOM Groups
    • Nearpod: Creates presentations that can contain Quiz’s, Polls, Videos, Images, Drawing-Boards, & Web Content
    • PDF: how to create an editable PDF
    • Publisher Websites with Study& Learning Resources
    • Quizlet: create study learning tools using flashcards, games & more
    • Skillshare: lessons revolve around content creation, such as photography and film, animation, design, illustration, lifestyle, writing, web development, and business. (free 2-month trial available)
    • Skype: is a telecommunications application that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices
    • SoloLearn: Learn to code
    • TED Masterclass: focuses on teaching you how to master public speaking
    • Udemy: over 130,000 courses covering more than 2,000 topics
    • YouTube: allow users to view videos, embed videos on websites or on a social media, provide users basic video editing functionality, create your own videos

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  1. This page is well designed. It is very important to give students all the free software that are available to them during this uncertain time where they do not have access to the campus labs. Well done!

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