Announcing 2013 Summer Study Abroad Programs being offered at NOVA






Course Dates: July 1 – August 11

Travel Dates: August 1 – 9

ENG 125:  Introduction to Literature (3 credits) 

Take a literary walking tour of London while studying the works of Chaucer, Dickens, Wilde, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen, etc. 

Contact: Professor Lisa Smith at

Estimated Cost: $2,300

COSTA RICA                                                            

Travel Dates: July 30 – August 9

BIO 299: Study Abroad Costa Rica (4 credits)

Investigate the biodiversity of tropical ecosystems. Contact: Professor Jill Caporale

Estimated Cost: $3,400


 Deposit Date: March 1st

 Travel Dates: June 2 – 15

SPA 195 or SPA 295 Spain Civilization and Culture I or II (3 credits)

Students attend four hours of Spanish classes in the morning and will experience cultural events and sight visits in the afternoons.

Contact: Dr. Carmen Figueroa

Estimated Cost: $2,300


Course Dates: May 20 – June 25

 Travel Dates: May 24 – June 15

REL 233 Introduction to Islam (3 credits),

HUM 295 Modern Turkey and the Ottoman Empire (3 credits),

HUM 298 The Personal Narrative: The Study Abroad Experience (1 credit).

A unique opportunity to explore the culture of Turkey.  Contact: Professor Tauheeda Yasin at

Estimated Cost:  $3,200