Chinese Honor’s Students Win Prize at Spring ExxonMobile Honors Symposium

Four Chinese 202 Honors students from Dr. Dali Tan’s class from the Alexandria campus participated in the Spring ExxonMobile Honors  Symposium. Instead of giving a regular speech and a presentation, they decided to create a skit based on Qingmingshanghetu (Along the River at the Qingming Festival), one of the most famous paintings in China . The skit showed the ancient life in China during Song Dynasty, and made all the dialogues in Chinese language to make it more real. One of the students made a point which had subtitles in English for the audience, so everyone could understand. Their presentation with acting was a success and they won the two hundred and fifty dollars prize award.

china honors

(L-R, Tinghong Zheng, Li Xing Xun, Raushana Akshulakova, Dali Tan and Karl Mittmann)