Spring 2022 Schedule

Lyceum Schedule Spring 2022

This spring, the Lyceum Committee is excited to present an inter-disciplinary series of talks surrounding the power of music. From history, to science, to genres and more, we hope that you gain even more appreciation for the impact of music in our lives.

Wednesday, 1/26 @2pm *In-Person* CA 302 – Refreshments served
Dr. Kevin Wright Professor and Musician
“The Multicultural Roots of American Musical Instruments”

Wednesday, 2/22 @ 2pm *In-person* location CA 302 – Refreshments served
Josephine Matyas & Craig Jones, Authors
“In Search of the Blues: Three Chords & the Truth”


Wednesday, 3/23 @12 noon *Zoom*
Dr. Assal Habibi, Professor at University of Southern California
“The Brain’s Crescendo; How Music Training Impacts Child Development”

Brain and music assistant research professor, Assal Habibi poses for a photograph, Oct 24, 2019. (USC Photo/Gus Ruelas)

Friday, 4/15 @1pm *In-Person* CE Forum – Refreshments served
S. H. Fernando, Author & Producer
“Clan in The Front: How Wu-Tang Transcended the Rap Game to become Cultural Icons”

Thursday, 4/28 @1pm *Zoom*
Dr. Alex Weiss, Professor at University of Texas at Arlington
“Physics and Music”

*Check back soon to (1) register for Zoom sessions and (2) Get room information for in-person talks.*

**If you’re a professor bringing a class to an event, please email me mchabot@nvcc.edu to let me know to expect your students, and (2) attendance lists are provided on request**

***We strive to make every event fully accessible with interpreters; if other accommodations are needed, please contact mchabot@nvcc.edu***