Apps for College Students

image of a person using a tablet

Each month at NOVA Online, we will recommend smart phone/tablet apps that are helpful for your studies at NOVA Online (and beyond). NOVA has already compiled a list of useful apps by platform. Here are some of the library’s favorites:

image of blackboard mobile app icon Easily access your NOVA blackboard account on the go.
image of the myHomework app icon Keep track of homework, projects, schedules, and sync to all devices.
image of studyblue app icon Mobile and online flashcards

Check NOVA Online regularly so you don’t miss the next post on recommended apps. Don’t be left out of the loop!

2 thoughts on “Apps for College Students

  1. I have used the blackboard app for accessing my classes at Nova. It is extremely useful because it provides a quick way to check the status of my classes….Thanks JOI for reminding everyone to utilize the resources we have out there.

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