Summer Wellness Series: Social Wellness

This week’s summer wellness series focuses on social wellness. This area can include developing healthy relationships, having a strong support network, nurturing pro-active and reactive habits (online and in-person), and boundary development.

When I started thinking about this topic, I immediately thought about my housing community and the stress that it causes me on a daily basis.

How many of us have had/currently have that loud upstairs neighbor that you know exactly when they get up in the morning until when they go to bed at night? I’m currently in this club! I will say, having a loud neighbor makes me more aware and conscientious of the neighbors below me! This Buzz Feed article makes light of the constant struggle of shared walls! Seriously what are they doing up there?


How are the relationships in your community? How do you communication your frustrations about your neighbors – both online and in-person? Do You? Remember when you are communicating via email or online discussion boards to use appropriate netiquette.  Sometimes we feel brave behind our computer screen, but at the end of the day, does it really make us feel any better about our situation? Social wellness is about building and developing healthy relationships within our community and ourselves. We learn to express our concerns in a healthy and appropriate ways. Easier said then done, when lack of sleep and frustration comes into play though!

What picture stood out to you in the Buzz Feed article? What makes you feel better after frustrating situations?

Continue this conversation with us in our Virtual Student Union. Connect with peers on this topic and learn more about resources to maintain your social wellness!