Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Happy Valentines day! This is typically the day we honor and celebrate the loving relationships with have in our lives. Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, this is a great opportunity to reflect on any relationships you do have in your life.

Do you know what it looks like to have a healthy relationship? What are some things one can do to cultivate better relationships with others?

Here are a few tips:

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Empathy: The most successful relationship dynamics are when each person involved in the relationship has a strong sense of empathy. Empathy basically means that you are consciously thinking about how another person might feel and acting respectfully and thoughtfully accordingly. Empathy is the foundation and core of any successful relationship.

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Compromise and Fairness: All relationships should have some feeling of reciprocity. This means both parties in the relationship do not feel like the relationship is one sided or uneven.  People who consistently take from others and expect people to give and bend over backwards for them are people who jeopardize relationships  of real substance.


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Boundaries: If you find yourself in a friendship/relationship with someone who has little or no empathy, is not thoughtful or emotionally generous, is flaky, does not compromise, or only asks for things of you when they need something from you, put up a boundary and either distance yourself from the person or end the relationship entirely. There is no point in having relationships that make you feel bad, drain you and leave you resentful.

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NOVA Sexual Assault Services is celebrating Healthy Relationships this week in February. This event highlights all healthy and positive things in any type of relationship. To know more about the events or to find out more about Sexual Assault Services contact SAS directly at or 703-338-0834.

3 thoughts on “Cultivating Healthy Relationships

  1. This article brings up several good points about what defines a healthy relationship. Empathy is a cornerstone of a good relationship. It is human nature to want to be understood. Listening as a lost skill in communication. What are you having difficulties in a relationship with a friend or a romantic partner, listening and letting that person know that you hear and understand goes along way and strengthening in a relationship.

  2. I love that you talk about the importance of a fair, balanced relationship where neither side feels like they are working harder. I have been having a difficult time staying committed to my relationships. I would love to get better so that I can have a relationship that is healthy emotionally and sexually. I wonder if there are services that can help me through this hard time.

    • Hi Greta, I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time. There are definitely resources I can get you connected with at the College. Do you mind emailing me directly through your student email ( at That way we can speak one-on-one about your concerns.

      Thank you,

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